If you have an Emergency call (978) 468 – 6307.

Call 978-994-4581 from the recording to reach the doctor on call.  

If you do not get a call back in 5 minutes, try the doctor’s number again or 

leave a text message.

We are available for equine emergencies 24-hours a day. During business hours the reception staff will answer your basic questions and direct your call to the veterinarian able to help your horse Before calling us for an emergency attempt to determine your horse’s basic vital signs such as rectal temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, presence or absence of gut sounds and appetite. This information will help the doctor determine the best approach to solving your horse’s ailment

If you call the office after hours and do not have an emergency, you may leave a message for us and we will return your call during the next business day. The pager number of the on-call veterinarian will be given on the answering machine recording. Call the  number given and leave a message. The message must first include your phone number and briefly state your emergency. The on-call veterinarian will return your call as soon as possible. A delay in returning your call may mean the on-call veterinarian is attending to another horse. If you do not hear from us in approximately 15 minutes please call the phone number again and leave a second message or text.