WNV: West Nile Virus Vaccine

T: Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

E: Encephalomyelitis Vaccine (Eastern & Western 

PHF: Sub Types)

FR: Equine Rhinopneumonitis-Influenza Vaccine

Strangles IN: Streptococcus Equi Vaccine (IN=Intra Nasal)


  • All boosters should be scheduled approx 4 weeks after initial dose.
  •   All vaccines are series of 2 immunizations (initial and 1 booster), except Strangles IN, which has 3 (initial and 2 boosters)
  •   Yearlings then go on annual schedule after their 12 month vaccines.


Not ALL foals need ALL vaccines, optional risk-based vaccines are FR, PHF, and Strangles. Core required vaccines are Rabies, WNV/T/E. Criteria for vaccination for FR, PHF, and Strangles are listed below.


  • FR & Strangles: should be vaccinated if traveling, showing, living at a barn with large numbers of horses traveling, showing. Risk is coming into contact with large numbers of horses other than those kept on the farm. 
  • PHF: should be vaccinated if there is standing water on or near the property. Mayflies that breed in and around standing water transmit the disease.